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The Devil You Don't


John Pennington is just another half billionaire, with nothing but time on his hands.

Looking for new opportunities after selling his company, and his relationship with his attention seeking fiancee implodes, he heads for Sorrento to spend some quiet time with his grandmother, the level headed and wise matriach of the family.

Taking time out to take a cruise on Lake Geneva, he meets Zoe, a chance encounter that leads to dinner, and an unspoken promise of more.

Then, when a rendezvous in Rome, set up by an old friend, goes awry, that life in the doldrums suddenly changes, and not necessarily for the better.

Shot at, lied to, seduced, and drawn into a world where nothing is what it seems, John is dragged into an adrenaline charged undertaking, where he may have been wiser to stay with the 'devil you know' rather than opt for the 'devil you don't'.

Stay tuned, there are reviews coming soon.

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